Seven Hills Financial

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Investment Management

At Seven Hills, we create diversified portfolios based on your specific investment needs by using objective and well-defined strategies to alleviate some of the risks associated with investments.

Trust and Estate Management

We understand that preparing your legacy alone is challenging. Let us guide you through the process of building a stable and continuous plan to protect and fulfill your wishes.

Tax Management

All your financial plans will be designed with efficient tax strategies in place.

Retirement Plans

You don’t have to take unmarked roads to get to retirement. Our financial plans are built to navigate you with clear vision and direction.

College Plans

There are many different approaches to prepare for your child’s future, we will consider your entire financial plan when assisting you in choosing what vehicle to use.


Insurance can be complicated but with our advanced knowledge on the topic, we can help you make informed decisions that are best for you.

A Message From Us

We strive to provide the optimal experience in financial planning through a client-centered process: The intersection between collaborative planning, risk sensitivity, and lifestyle goals come together to create an inclusive strategy to meet your needs now and in the future.

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