Custom Solutions for a Range of Circumstances

Diversity is everywhere. That includes the unique experiences, values, and financial resources each of us possesses. The role of a financial planner is to take each client’s situation, help them identify their goals, and develop strategies to reach them. We partner with clients to navigate an efficient path to their financial future. Since no financial journey is a straight line, course corrections are sometimes needed, so we help ensure that every turn brings the goal back into focus..

Our Mission

We understand the importance of every dollar, every day, and every decision to our clients. We have developed a process that seeks to provide as smooth and efficient a journey toward the client’s destination as possible.

Our personal style is what our clients feel, while our team’s diverse experience and competence help ensure safe passage toward high quality of life and peace of mind.

Our team

Jeff Johnson, ChFC®, CLU®

Financial Planner, Founder

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Jeff Johnson, ChFC®, CLU®

  • Financial Planner, Founder
  • Phone: (850) 219-6699, Ext. 1

I have been in the financial services industry since 1996 and founded Seven Hills Financial in 2006. I began my career with a focus on insurance needs and solutions. I decided early on that I wanted to advise people without regard to their asset levels. There are many people hoping to build a solid financial future for themselves and their families. Often, those people need a little guidance and expert assistance, but they end up being sold the financial product of the week. As someone with no product to sell, I instead offer advice and accompany my clients on their financial journey. I enjoy getting to know the people that I work with. Understanding my clients allows me to find and apply the appropriate tools to meet their needs in a fashion that is easy to understand and implement. I work as a fiduciary, putting the clients’ interests above everything else.

Donald Butcher, CFP®

Financial Planner, Partner

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Donald Butcher, CFP®

  • Financial Planner, Partner
  • Phone: (850) 219-6699, Ext. 2

I’m a lifelong Floridian, a follower of Jesus, a husband, father, and sports enthusiast. If you’re my client, odds are good I know your shoe size and your mom’s middle name. That stems from my belief that details matter, and that advice from someone who knows you well will be easier to follow and produce an outcome that suits you best. For more than a decade, I have dedicated myself to understanding both the behavior of money and the behavior of people relative to money. That understanding combined with the heart of a teacher are the foundation of my advice. As a fee-only fiduciary planner, I reject the conflicts of interest inherent in selling financial products. Instead, I focus only on guiding my clients through the maze of managing investment costs, taxes, insuring against risk, establishing a solid estate plan, funding education, and covering retirement income needs. In finance, there are market events and there are self-inflicted wounds. With my help, you can minimize the costly errors that are common to do-it-yourself investors and investors who are the target of financial salespeople. I’m always open to having a conversation. That’s how every good relationship begins. So, let’s start there.

Hanna Price Molta

Financial Planner

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Hanna Price Molta

  • Financial Planner
  • Phone: (850) 219-6699, Ext. 3

I am a firm believer that knowledge is power, and financial knowledge is the ultimate power. But what I’ve discovered is that financial tools and investments are not well-taught subjects. My goal is to correct that, one client at a time, by being a partner throughout your financial journey. I believe that with your goals in mind and a well-rounded plan, we can build a strong financial footing for your future. Together we will tackle a sometimes overwhelming process and clear a path for your financial goals. As a fiduciary I will always present solutions with your best interests at the core of the decision making process. I am a Flagler College Alumna, Tallahassee resident, and I am proud to call this community my home. Outside of work, you will find me spending time with my two dogs or testing out a new recipe in my kitchen.


Office Morale Captain

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  • Office Morale Captain

Mr. Ace has over 6 years in the tail wagging industry. As resident office dog, Ace ensures that everyone in the office stays up to date on their fetch training and provides in-house wrist therapy by volunteering to receive belly rubs. Ace is also proficient in napping which pairs well with his “I would like a treat” facial skills. His expertise in word recognition shines upon hearing “cookie”, “kitty”, and “squirrel”.

Who We Serve

Families and Individuals

Government Employees

  • DROP, Deferred Comp, FRS – Florida Retirement System FERS – Federal Employee Retirement System, Military/TSP.


  • Inheritance, Retirement, Divorce.

Concentrated Assets

  • Real Estate, Inherited Stock, Employer Stock/Options.

Charitable and Philanthropic Objectives
Retirement Planning
Educational Planning


Business Owners and Insiders

  • Retirement plan design, implementation, and support
  • Tax planning
  • Employee benefit planning
  • Business sale, succession, and ownership changes

Institutions and 501(c)3 Tax-exempt Organizations

  • Churches
  • Civic clubs and service clubs
  • Development of investment policies
  • Asset protection and growth strategies