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Insurance can be complicated, but, with our advanced knowledge on the topic, we assist clients in making informed decisions.

Given the multitude of products available, we select the best tool for the objective.  Through our fiduciary lens, we avoid conflicts of interest, reduce expenses to the client, and get the job done.

  • Life insurance analysis
  • Long-term care needs
  • Property and casualty review
  • Disability insurance recommendations


Is life insurance an investment?
No, life insurance is not an investment. It is a tool used to protect against financial losses resulting from a person’s death.
Do I need life insurance?
If there will be a substantial financial loss to another party as a result of your passing, then yes. Life insurance insures the loss of future income from the deceased party as well as intangible losses that will require a financial obligation, such as care for a dependent.
What is the difference between term and permanent life insurance? Which is right for me?
Term coverage provides coverage for a defined period of time and there is no cash value associated with it, only a death benefit. Permanent coverage provides coverage for the insured’s lifetime, regardless of age at death, and there is a cash value associated with the policy.
What is the purpose of umbrella insurance?
Umbrella insurance provides additional coverage to property and casualty policies that protect assets from potential liabilities.
Are beneficiaries taxed on a life insurance payout?
The death benefit from a life insurance is not taxed as income, however it may be subject to estate taxes depending on the size of the deceased’s estate.