Our servicesRetirement Planning

Guessing and hoping are not the surest way to a comfortable retirement.  We offer written financial plans so informed decisions replace guesses, and confidence replaces hope.

Keeping our clients’ goals at the center of each plan, we listen to their vision of retirement and match the tools to the task.  We answer the questions that can make retirement seem like an uncertain time and allow them to enjoy the milestone they have reached.

  • Income planning
  • Healthcare cost analysis
  • Social security strategies
  • Risk mitigation


What is a financial plan?
A financial plan is a comprehensive evaluation of a person's current and future financial state by using currently known variables to plan for the future.
Once a financial plan is developed, does it need to be updated?
Yes, there are many variables that can affect a financial plan such as an occupation change, a change in marital status, or an interstate move, and it should be updated to reflect that.
What options do I have for my previous employer’s 401k?
Most 401k’s, and other employer sponsored retirement accounts, can either be rolled into your next employer’s plan or rolled into an Individual Retirement Account, and still receive the same tax treatment. The account can also be cashed out but may be subject to tax and penalties, this option should rarely if ever be selected.
What is vesting?
Vesting is the schedule in which certain retirement benefits become available to be utilized.
What is an employer match?
An employer match is an incentive to contribute to an employer sponsored retirement account such as a 401k, 403b or Simple IRA. Matches can be an even match or a percentage of the employee’s contribution until a certain threshold is hit.